Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here's one of my top picks for designers of flower girl dresses. Shelly George has an extensive range of fabric and color options hard to find elsewhere. I love the way fabrics like tulle, organzas and soft taffetas are used here to bunt skirts, layer and accent. Here it is in her own words: "I wanted the focus of this dress to really be on these adorable little grosgrain bows floating on the tulle, so everything else is very simple. A jewel neck, sleeveless arms and a gathered sash with no bow". --Shelley George--


Chantel Deitz said...

Can i get her contact information. I just ador these dresses and they are the only one's that I have found that i like.

Thank you,

nataliesudia said...

Oh!How precious!I don't know how I'd choose just one... maybe just have a bunch of flower girls and have them all in something different?

Laura said...

So original and lovely. I think I like the last one the best. Come stop by today and enter the Thursday book giveaway...

bridechic said...

here's the link with Shelly's contact info.
There's actually a link in the post but it doesn't show up
as bold