Ivory chiffon Georgette halter dress with Chantilly lace under bodice.
Celebrating my birthday a couple months back, designing girl friends got together and pitched in for about fifty yards of fabric to keep me out of trouble. Between fitting clients and blogging, I've been planning out pieces for the Spring 2009 collection. Here are five of my favs, tea-length 1950s silhouettes in tulle and crepe Georgette, some with lace bodices. All this swank however is still in the sketch phase. The patterns are finished so the construction should go quickly.

Ivory Chantilly lace (pictured below) halter bodice with full chiffon Georgette skirt

Chantilly lace under white tulle ruched sweetheart bodice with full tulle skirt.

Right: White Chantilly lace bodice with bow-tie straps and full tulle skirt.
Below: Ivory chiffon Georgette dress with gossamer Sabrina bodice and full skirt.