Ready for Glam Week? Officially it began yesterday with Fred and Ginger. Movie star dressing, slinky white satin, Hollywood designers—just a few of the topics we'll be covering all this week. Today's chic started with a casual trend from the fifties glamorized by Audrey Hepburn—the scarf. As Audrey and fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy showed us, some women can make even a sporty scarf look elegant. I began incorporating them into my collection once I realized they looked hot with so many of the 1950s throwbacks I was creating. Keep in mind they do lend themselves well to quite a few styles. Be imaginative. You can tie a lace scarf like a bandana or go gypsy style with it. Experiment. Create your own look!

Long Scarf-Pictured above: Considered more an option in head wear than veil depending on the length of chiffon or silk gauze used to create it. A 5-yard length wrapped around the head framing the face creates a long band of train that works as an extraordinary veil. Perfect for Mosque weddings.
The shorter version works with this more casual look. This is one of my ‘Marilyn’ dresses . . . My 1950s ‘Going Away’ bride is headed for a drive up the coast to that country inn in her crepe halter dress and silk chiffon scarf. A casual as well as elegant look.
Color photo by ejones photography