Get outta here! Can you really and truly have both? Well, I've worn these Apple Shoes years now for both dancing and looking great with Dior. They are actual ballroom dance shoes designed for pros and anyone putting hours of laborious practice into ballroom dance. You, just like a dancer will be on your feet a good portion of your wedding day so you mind as well benefit from the support they offer. It never ceases to amaze me just how uncomfortable some bridal shoe lines can be (mine were hell--I should have known better). The cuties above will get you through the day without any blisters, cramps or pinching. Dance shoes are different from regular shoes; the soles are thinner so the dancer can 'feel' the floor, doing pivots and spins with ease. Some women who like the look of ballroom shoes (they pair up with anything) but wear them primarily with fashion have them resoled. I say, if they are your wedding shoes, why bother unless you want to re-wear them post wedding?