Are you a bride who's definitely searching beyond the typical bridal salon for your wedding look? Face it,  there are tons of dresses out there for brides who go the traditional route and that's usually what we zero in on when we think ultimate bride.  But what if you're an outside the box bride?  --the kind who's going to give herself and all her guests that gift of who she really is once she makes her entrance.  For all of you out there tweaking the bridal code, this post is for you . . . .
Above: In a word, this dress is definitely original.  Titled The Geometry Dress by Miss Tashima, the bride all dressed in white with a few gray elements in between, give us a different perspective on bride.  Add to that the bared midriff under gossamer fabric and she's really spinning convention.  Photos by Best Coast Photo from The Urban Inspired Shoot.

Above and below: The one of a kind beauties here were designed by Minneapolis based designer, Tara La Tour.  Incorporated are original elements off-the-rack and mass produced designs lack, ideal for brides wanting something totally out of the ordinary. Photos by Shannon Grant Photography from Painting Inspired 

Above and below: Pick a color and you're totally outside the box.  The brighter you go, the more bold and daring.  In this case the orange gown by Haute Hippie blends in with the golds and yellows beautifully. Photos by Martina Micko Photos from The Cinco de Mayo Wedding . . . .

Tips for the outside the box bride:

* Find a dress a little more amped up than you wear in your every day life.  This means a tonier  fabric, special designer touch or style element you just can't find in day to day clothing.

* A few years back indie bridal shops were the answer to finding the alternative bridal gown.  Now they're pretty much the norm.  Gorgeous gowns aplenty, yes, but norm.  Brides are sourcing their alternatives everywhere from custom designers to novelty shops--some even online thru sites like Etsy.

*This goes for all brides traditional and non who are ordering online: Find stretch fibers 2% or more that give.  This way you'll be assured of a better fit once the post office delivers that one-off gemmie to your door.