Looking vintage on your wedding day means you're zeroing in on some chic borrowed from the ages. No, it doesn't have to be authentic, ie; real jewels or headwear but certainly can be.  With all us designers creating such great replicas from bygone eras it's just a matter of finding the right fabrics and accessories to bring out and play up a vintage look. Directly above and below are great examples of using lace to recall a certain decade.  These dresses are dripping in lace evocative of the Downton Abbey era

 Above: Nothing glams up a look like the use of gloves.  Long opera length go beautifully with evening gown styles of the thirties.  While the shorties shown here go particularly well with the 50s-60s, they would jazz up styles of earlier 20th Century chic as well  Below: Topping it all off with headwear can really nail an era,  Below is a medley of images perfect for a bride who loves the 1940s
All Dresses and Head Wear by Amy-Jo Tatum
Top Photos: The Missy Dress and Emma Dress