As a designer, the biggest gripe I hear once a client starts the dress search is, "How come they all look alike?". For the bride who sees herself in something other than the conventional cookie-cutter look, realize once you find the right silhouette it's just a matter of accessorizing.  Carefully chosen adornments are going to be what makes the dress all about you. Thanks to some indie designers and new-generation brides, restrictions once de riguer can be relaxed or broken altogether.  Notice I said, can--you have a choice now and if you want to don that long, flowing veil any time of day be my guest, ditto the long polka dot gloves if you want. Adding your own touches means just that--something that says you and defines you in a way no words can.  Here are a few I love- some my very own, others not.   Hopefully, they'll give you some inspiration . . .

Above: Topping it all off with jazzy headwear may be all you need to come off as original but these brides went a step further.  Above our bride used a black fascinator and gloves to add pizazz//Below: The oversized pouf makes this bride absolutely unique.   The ruffled dress with a black cummerbund really seals the deal//Photo by Zlata Modeen from The French Inspired Vineyard Editorial///dress by The Deb Shops 

Above: Plumes can be fun, dramatic, and elegant all at once.  Trendy right now, they accentuate basic dresses and evening gown styles beautifully.  The two plumes far above were designed by Satanica of Batcakes Couture//The MARISOL Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum/Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography from The Vintage and Rustic Shoot///Directly Above: A stunning headdress and sleeve accents in  tropical bird feathers from The Tropical Forest Bride Editorial//Photo by Taralynn Lawton Photography
Above: A plain taffeta slip dress takes on the drama with silk florals and foilage on one shoulder, continuing the bouquet effect as a headpiece with flowers pinned into a top knot//Photo by S1 Studios from The Bombshell Bide Shoot//The FLORA Dress by Amy Jo Tatum///Below: This bride topped it all off with a Daisy trimmed picture hat.  She's wearing an extraordinary lace blouse and skirt instead of a dress.  Great look for a garden or country wedding.  Ensemble by Amy-Jo Tatum