Monday, August 17, 2015


Not only are crocheted laces trending as trims on wedding dresses, check out some of  these allover crocheted  creations.  That's right, completely crocheted! Ever imagined there were so many jaw-dropping knockouts both new and vintage?  I began perusing through these textured lovelies when I got an email from a bride wanting to locate a crocheted dress I'd posted awhile back.  My Pinterest search for that one photo as you can see totally sidetracked me.  So unique and beautiful, these are perfect for the bride wanting to add that viva la difference factor to her wedding day.
Also, if you really want to evoke a back to nature or sustainable wedding design here are a few things I learned from my sister who's been crocheting for years: Historically, crochet was probably one of the first examples of textile craft.  Tufts of fur or wool found on briars could be twisted into strands.  The next obvious development would be to take the strands and loop them into themselves.  That's about as green as you can get!
While you can order some exquisite and off beat designs through Etsy (both machine-made and hand crocheted), I found the most alluring of these gems were teasers linking to craft patterns you can order--not a bad deal if you know how to crochet or have someone close to you who does.  The good news is, these images are just warm ups.  Believe it or not Pinterest has pins and boards of crocheted wedding dresses just waiting for you to visit!.  Find the link here and here
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Melanie said...

Crocheted wedding dresses have such a unique appeal! Perfect for boho brides.

Susan Jones said...

Crocheted unique bridesmaid dresses

Lady E. said...

I am lovin' the boho crochet look! So pretty and unique!