Thursday, July 9, 2015


With necklines rising (then falling again) it's inevitable we'd see the return of the sleeve. Until lately (like the last twenty years or so), bridal fashion was a very restricted zone. With so many rules to follow, modesty was the most crucial. Covering one's self up as much as possible was de riguer, a throwback to 19th century propriety when brides symbolized purity and virginity. Fast forward to the 21st century and brides are celebrating a fashion liberation. Finally it's okay to be a bride and sexy, baring not only arms but decolletage and back as well as showing off some leg AND in some cases a gallery of tattoos.
By now though, we've made our fashion point. We do have more options and sleeves are certainly one of those options. Sleeves have returned with a highly creative edge. From a designer’s point of view, sleeves can be one of the most creative components on a gown. For me, a well-designed sleeve is a work of art; it combines fabric and adornment into the overall image of the gown. I love these costume-inspired beauties from some of the world's best designers . . .


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