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Want a smaller wedding but City Hall doesn't quite cut it for you?  How about an after five soiree?
The cocktail wedding is another option to a briefer, more intimate event than the traditional all day bash planned months ahead. Cocktail hour weddings offer an elegant, affordable alternative. Think about it: fewer guests, a shorter hemline and less cake and champagne can sometimes be more.  Small weddings are on the rise, especially for the couple with limited time and/or money. Some couples feel more at ease celebrating their nuptials as evening approaches with a few close friends and family. The dresses featured here are cocktail length and beyond. With some imaginative head chic and accessorizing we (you with me helping) can put together a knock 'em dead cocktail look.
 The cocktail dress is perfect for this wedding of the same name. These images from The Art Meets Fashion editorial are perfect candidates for the cocktail wedding.  Defined, cocktail length is a formal dress that's street-length or longer and typically made out of exquisite fabric or has special detailing. Though cocktail hour dressing can go either semi-formal or informal, the later doesn’t imply casual. It simply means you can go with elegant street-length attire; a higher hemline is acceptable and your groom (again following your lead) can skip the de riguer white or black tie if he chooses, getting into a raw silk or linen suit instead. On the other hand, remember, while attire for the cocktail reception is elegant, its never max formal. Think of cocktail dressing as anything from a chic mini to a fitted floor-length sheath. The fabric can be luxe. The photo below is a good case in point.
If you love 1940s fashion you're already tuned into what it takes to get 'The Cocktail Look'.  If you haven't caught Joan Crawford on Netflix  zone in on all the accessories here like the opera length gloves so perfect for evening wear.  Check out our model above.  She's carrying a beaded vintage purse (maybe in lieu of a bouquet) and her head chic is  a pancake cocktail hat with a shot of tulle.
Vintage jewelry is another way of creating that elegance reminiscent of  1940s cocktail looks.  Some of the pieces here are original Miriam Haskell from the 30s-40s.   Model Lauren directly above is wearing The FLEUR Cocktail Hat and FLEUR evening gown.  Gown price on request///  Header Photo: The GWYNETH Fascinator//Photos 1 and 2: The MOCHA Fascinator and MADELYN Dress//Below The YOLANDA Dress

AN ART GALLERY  If you're an avid art lover you probably know what kind of gallery you'll end up in.  Passing interest?  Pick any kind of art you like from traditional to contemporary.  These spots have wonderful lighting and tons of space that's already decorated for you.  In addition they're used to throwing parties and openings so if you keep the list on the lighter side they'll love you for it.

This is probably the first option you'll consider because most eateries and bars have the catering right there for you.  They also have themes whether its nautical and nice by the seashore, a roof garden with city panoramas, fusion cooking and decor, etc.

If you're lucky enough to belong to some organization with a great venue go for it!  These clubs can be anything from plush and old moneyed to concrete and moderne.

This could be your best friend's apartment in the meat packing district or something you rent by the night or hour.  If you're looking to save time and money this might not be your best option.  Open spaces like this usually require staging and this takes a lot of planning through florists, event designers, etc.  If, on the other hand the space has some essentials, it's worth a shot . . . .

If it's the right house or apartment I'd say there can't be a better or more intimate place for a cocktail wedding.

All dresses and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum
Make up by Prettyologie
Jewelry: Studiolo of San Anselmo


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These days people are more interested in changing the trend and having a cocktail party is one of them. Evening weddings add more light to the celebrations.

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