Friday, March 20, 2015


Photo by Sweet Light Studios

I get asked this question all the time--" Okay, so . . . is there really any difference between a wedding gown and a wedding dress?" I mean you hear designers and savvy merchandisers referring to what you wear on your big day as either gown or dress. So which is it?

Defined, gowns are anything to the floor and definitely ones with trains and/or extensions are considered super gown-worthy. For me the gown at its quintessential best is 'Harlowesque' lean-lined and clingy, something Hollywood designers borrowed for evening wear from sexy nightgowns back in the 1930s (hence comes the gown). The dress on the other hand can be any silhouette--even a ballgown--as long as it's to the floor sans the train, ankle length or above. A good example of ballgown silhouette as dress is in the second image. BTW my favorite length and silhouette for bridal wear right now is Ballerina, just above the ankles and very full . . .
Photo: Sweet Light Studios
Dress and gown by Amy-Jo Tatum

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