Tuesday, March 17, 2015


A picture is worth a thousand words!  These by Tara Lynn Lawton from our Bouffant Rose shoot illustrate everything I want to tell you today about sheath designs.  For starters  they are absolutely gorgeous on the right bride.  Sheaths are a fave of brides who work out and the eventual reward of of those who like to strut their stuff. They're a snug fitting, long, columnar silhouette in a heavier fabric like Duchesse satin or peau de soie. Defined, the classic sheath looks like the images above and below--having waistline and skirt features that are as snug up top as on bottom. This silhouette can work for the bride who wants a stylish, simple presence as well as one who wants to make a more powerful statement with her veil or accents of laces and a train added. On the right bride this silhouette is elegant and offers the look of class and chic combined. Adding skirt to a sheath by way of a detachable train is traditional for bridal as well as evening wear reminiscent of 1950s.  Think Grace Kelly . . . .

Photography: Taralynn Lawton
Julie Morgan Hair and Makeup
Model: Oasis Wideman

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Brianna said...

Totally in love with this simple design