I have to say looking back it was an incredible year for creativity here in the workshop.  I found the most beautiful silks, laces, chiffons and liquid satins, a temporary step away from my specialty in working with those flouncy, bouncy gemmies that make up the perfect understructure for the 1950s silhouette.  Thanks to the muses visiting via a remake of The Great Gatsby and the ongoing Downton Abbey, I put out a longer, leaner line of samples that cling to the body in lighter weight fabrics.  Oh yes, me and my helpers are still making those delectable hourglass and bouffant dresses Audrey, Grace and Jackie wore.  It's just this year more of my my clients are wanting to do early Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.  Accessories for 2013 followed the early 1920s path with lace mantillas worn with headpieces low on the forehead . . . .
The Gemma Gown and Floral Headband
The Juna Gown 
The Dahlia Gown
The Alexandra Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum
The Astrid Gown
Top Photos: The Lace Mantilla//Lower Photos: The Floral Headband and the White Lace Cloche by Amy-Jo Tatum
 The Bugle Bead Headband and Alexandra Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum