Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Simply beyond gorgeousness!  Recently I had the pleasure of working with wedding photographer extraordinaire, Shannon Stellmacher on this stylized shoot at Annadel Estate Winery, in Sonoma County.  Believe me this is one spot so quaint and rustic it will take your breath away.  Makeup artist and hair stylist, Julie Morgan put all of us together for this shoot and I'm so grateful for her vision every time I look at these magnificent images.  The range of looks Julie created alongside our photographer is amazing.  A word here about the gowns and head chic: I designed them and model Lori Dorfman brought each piece to life creating a sort of magical picture story.  Special thanks to Mary of B-Jeweled for use of the exquisite necklaces and earrings and Nancy Ann Flowers who created all the lovely bouquets.
If perchance you're ever kicking around Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County, do check out Annadel Estate Winery.  The folks who run it seem like good pals you've known all your life offering up some of the finest Roses and Zinfandels . . . .

Gowns and Head Chic by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
Hair and Makeup by Julie Morgan
Model Lori Dorfman
Jewelry by B-Jeweled
Flowers by Nancy Ann Flowers


Dawn (Sassy) said...

I love your blog..

All of your post are excellent.




Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I love all the gowns and the headpieces are styling!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

MosaMuse said...

very pretty pictures!


Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous post!


FashionJazz said...

Gorgeous!! Hope you are having a lovely week xx

just tututiny said...

aww, these are so pretty, I wish I can renew my vows again!

just tututiny said...

I'm having a giveaway this week - hope you will join in on the fun!

yiqin; said...

beautiful hair <3

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Such striking beauties!

Francesca R said...

I am totally in love with these pictures!!! They are a piece of art in my modest opinion!

Julie Khuu said...

Love that first headdress...so romantic!

Peace. Love. LOL!


p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

OMG I love the new header and then I saw your gorgeous pictures in the post! You are so incredible talented Amy!! xoxoxo


absolute;y brilliant photos and amazing styling! So chic. xo

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Alexa said...

These photos are unreal. The one in front of the green door is amazing.

Julie Morgan Hair and Make up artist said...


You are a truly an Artist. A hidden jewel in Northern

California and I found you!.

These one of a kind vintage couture bridal gowns

and headpieces are so special and

stunning to look at, like masterful artwork.

I hope all my brides will be wearing an Amy Jo

Tatum this upcoming wedding season!

And I get to work with you more.

Thank you again Amy, you are simply amazing.

Ashley said...


Nicole said...

WOAAAAH! Those photo's are AMAZING! My jaw actually dropped. Congratulations - great styling ;)

Josie said...

These are STUNNING. I love her hair; the curls are gorgeous!
xo Josie

Nicki @ GMP said...

Gorgeous textures on the images!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the flowers with that pendant!

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co said...

wow i absolutely love her hair, it looks so perfect...like it has its own personality...GORGEOUS!!!

Wholesale Flowers Co

Wedding Photographer said...

Great Blog and beautiful pictures.

Kaylee said...

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