For many of you in the east and mid-west roasting under record-breaking temps, I'm hoping this great photo by Rob Martel will cool you off for a few seconds.  Believe it or not winter will be here before you know it. If you're going to be a winter bride you won't want to miss Winteresque, a feature focusing on wedding fashion for holiday and winter weddings.  This shoot is all about being an Ice Queen, Czarina or how about snow bunny?  Festive and magical, yes, the back drop of snow and raw climate can be challenging; working it you can create a haute chic look all your own via accessories, wraps, capes hats and luxe fabrics.  Even if you're anti-fur we'll look at alternatives like some of the new faux fabrics.  And don't forget our furry friends out there who need to shuck their coats to make it through the kind of summer we're having now.