The Bridal Veil

Think about it: you'll probably wear a knock out gown again sometime in your life but when will you ever get the opportunity to wear a veil? That's something to ponder when you're weighing out the, "Will I or won't I veil?" question. The gorgeous board above was put together by Liane Roy of Forget Me Not Details in Buffalo, NY. It has just about every veil you can think of starting off with the smallest wisps of chic birdcages and poufs to sweeping cathedral lengths in tulle, lace, netting and organza.

Bird Cage or Net Pouf
-Made of either netting or tulle, this veil falls above the shoulder line. Since it’s a shorter style, it tends to look structured, more hybrid of headpiece and veil. Great for fashionistas.
Blusher or Flyaway-a fly away is typically attached to the back while the blusher is a short veil worn over the face during the ceremony. Can also be worn shoulder length in layers. Although considered informal, this is the choice of some chic, formal-gowned brides.
Elbow-Extends to the elbow or a couple inches below.
Fingertip-Most popular length; can be worn by nearly every figure type with most silhouettes.
Waltz-Falls anywhere between knee and ankle.
Chapel-Considered formal. Extends about a two feet beyond the hemline.
Cathedral-Most formal. Extends three feet or more beyond the hem.

Double Tier-Two layers, typically the shorter one a blusher but not always.

Top photos: Variations on the birdcage and pouf veils
Middle photos: Short pouf and blusher veil
Bottom photos: mantilla and scarf veil
Pouf-Opposite: Width of veil is gathered at the crown and can be attached to a headpiece. Generally made out of tulle or English netting.

Dropped-Yes, actually dropped onto the head in a single layer of tulle or lace; often bordered with lace or ribbon. A Mantilla is a type of dropped veil.
Long Scarf-Considered more an option in head wear than veil depending on the length of chiffon or silk gauze used to create it. A 5-yard length
wrapped around the head framing the face creates a long band of train that works as an extraordinary veil. Perfect for Mosque weddings.
All veils above available through Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal/