Thursday, March 4, 2010



Can you think of anything more vintage bridal than lace? Here are pieces from my Spring 2010 collections along with a few other inspirations I found on SMP that show lace in all its beauty as well as delicacy from Chantilly to peau d'ange and Alencon . . .

Top Photo by Ryan Chua

Above Left: Title: Jose Villa Photography
Above Right: Photography by Shelah Osbrink/aka digital She

Below Left: Photography by Ryan Chua
Below Right:Carla Ten Eyck

Gowns can be veiwed and special ordered through Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal


dognbird said...

Lace is always chic - great images.

Rhian Morris said...

Beaautiful, beautiful...excellent Silk and Lace gowns, Amy.

Fred Haro said...

This is really a remarkable topic close to my heart thanks. Keep up the good working! JJ House