Natalie in Red

Get a load of this before you head out to look at dozens of virginal white dresses. Did you know in some cultures white is the color of mourning? That's right. It seems ice and snow go hand and hand with freezing to death and/or the void of nothingness. There are traditions that prize red for its warmth and beauty, christening it the color of festivals and celebration. To Russians the word red relates to beauty. In China this color symbolizes fortune and joy, and is still traditional with brides. For some of us red evokes the brilliant monochromatics found in spring and summer gardens; to others fire and sensuality. This vibrant work from Annie McKelvey of Eleven Orchids Photography puts red in the realm of a real style option for a bride. Might this exciting and passionate color become the new white somewhere in the near future? While I doubt the majority of women want to replace the clean essence white represents, red is and will continue to be a popular option for brides for both summer and winter.