Venue: Michael's on Main, Soquel ca
Cake Topper: Corpse bride action figures (victor and victoria)
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Sara and Brent really mixed up the Goth with rustic glam for this Soquel, California wedding.
Both had an incredible a flair for infusing their own personal stamp on the day. In the bride's own words, here's how the Sara and Brent story went:
'It twas a late and fateful evening in the elegant 24 hour fitness sauna, when Brent first spoke to Sara. They would see each other once more before being utterly frustrated after several disappointing attempts to "run into" the other. Brent realized that Sara had provided him with just enough information to find her work email online through astute detective work (and not hours of cyber stalking) so that he might send her an email asking her to coffee a month later.
After the first date she knew this guy was different...
After a month she knew that he was her soul mate (which was a little strange because she didn't really know that she had even believed in the idea of soul mates) and yet she knew that is exactly what he was...
They were married one year,one month and seventeen days after she met the man who had exceeded all of her dreams.'

Sara's first grade students made this book, Advice for a Happy Marriage as a wedding present

With a brown gown, Sara goes Goth in this lace-up strapless gem . . .

Victoria's arm fell off minutes before the wedding

Brent's daughters.... Don't you just love their outfits?

Sara's aunt Elaine, officiated the ceremony. She's Buddhist minister's assistant.

These two images are evocative of the spirited and child-like fun this couple seem to share . . .

Cowbell competition... fighting for who would not have to dishes and take out the trash for a year.... Good friend nick's band Monsters Are Not Myths accompanying....
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