Thursday, February 4, 2010



More from the "Every Which Way Romantic" series, this week we're concentrating on the Garden Party Bride. So what makes up this feminine style? It has alot to do with the outdoors, gardens, flowers, gazebos and great weather. Imagine a party a J. Gatsby's. Doesn't it conjure up images of croquet parties on acres of lawn? You'd see some wide-brimmed straw or horsehair hats wrapped in tulle and hand-rolled florals, silk and organdy dresses, parasols, maybe a touch of Chantilly lace over gloved hands. Garden parties revolve around Spring and Summer festivities. It could be a tea, a dance or luncheon wedding. You can incorporate this sort of style in putting yourself and groom together or design a whole wedding theme around it.

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Here are a few inspiring ideas to get you going . . .


Silent Movies


The Charleston

George Gershwin

The Great Gatsby

Chanel, Poiret and Erte

The House of Eliot

Mia Farrow and Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby

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