Monday, July 13, 2009


Feast your eyes on these gowns by Jorge Terra. Brazilian born, based in Navarra, Spain, Terra's finding a cozy niche in evening and bridal wear. The gowns shown here were exhibited at the Puerta de Europa, International Bridal Fashion Exhibition; 23-24 April 2009 in Madrid. Since Terra is relatively new to the industry, pinning down a certain look synonymous with his work hasn't gelled as of yet. Still experimenting, the fun here will be in guessing which signature will become his own. I particularly like his sleeved looks reflective of 19th century costume. Tango and Flamenco sweeps of skirt reminiscent of a Spanish dancer are present too. Always on my chic list are the evening gowns a la 1930s he does with such a flair.

Photos courtesy Vogue Novias


nina said...

I'm loving those short dresses... said...

These dresses are fabulous. Avant garde and fun. Our brides love some of our shoes; one of their favorite shoes is a sexy, yet innocent, light blue satin high heel with peep toes and the sides cutout. They are sooo cute. Love your site, beautiful and well thought out style for the weddings, thank you. Check these out!