Saturday, July 4, 2009


The simpler the gown, the more ornate the accessories can be. Likewise the more ornate the gown, the simpler the accessories. Hats, veils, fascinators, shoes, belts, gloves and bling all fall into the range of trimmings that can compliment your overall look. The paraphernalia with this sophistocated wedding ensemble is all in the silver/white range and includes a handbag, hat, earrings and shoes.

The derby above is going to really jazz up your ensemble and add sophistication and fun. A great choice if you want to look chic and get around easily without dragging a long, flowing veil around all day.
Style ? Decol Strass
390.00 GBP -
Notice how many brides these days are bypassing the regulation satin and peau pumps and shelling out for a great pair of Louboutins or Choos they can wear again . Shoes sporting color too are one way brides are breaking out of tradition and creating their own individual look.
1 CT. T.W. Radiant-Cut Diamond Leverback Earrings in 14K White Gold - Gift...
$1,999.99 -
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19.50 GBP ($31.90) - Magnetic snap fastening All over ridged pearl effect to outside Open pouch pocket to inside

Lately we're finding more handbags paired up with bridal gowns. Once upon a time the bridal purse was held open by the bride for cold hard cash and guests dropped their wad as they 'paid' their respects to the newlyweds. Gone are those days and with the exception of a few cultures, the bridal purse is pretty much now what it is in everyday life: an accessory used for a compact, a small comb and lipstick . . .


Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

that dress is to die for! hot, lady! nice post.

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lovely accessories.