Thursday, July 30, 2009


Though there's a whole panacea of gift ideas in these sets, sometimes the best gift you can give your bridesmaid and/or maid of honor is the dress itself. I had a single bridesmaid in my wedding amongst a pack kids in taffeta. Other than a few purple sashes and tartans, it was an all white wedding with my maid in a simple white silk dupioni sheath. That dress was a gift. A year later when her boyfriend proposed, she wore that same bridesmaid dress for her own wedding. I was totally honored. Thus, I would never have asked her to pay for the dress and to this day she claims it was her greatest wedding present.

Customary gift from bride to her maids is a stunner piece of jewelry. You can also say thank you in the form of perfume, Ray Bans and whole gamut of goodies found below.

pure by JessyM featuring Lipsy

Untitled by pettyd featuring Antica Murrina jewelry

There's no freshness. There's no originality
There's no freshness. There's no originality by ♡•SimplyMoi•♡ Blazers Contest featuring Versace shoes

Happy Birthday Violet Peach!!
Happy Birthday Violet Peach!! by Natalcia♥(away) featuring Alexander McQueen shoes
Lovely Mermaid
Lovely Mermaid by BookwormForever! featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

Untitled by cappy featuring Forever21 accessories
Untitled by pettyd featuring Alexander McQueen accessories

Mello Yellow
Mello Yellow by ✰ Xaylia ✰ featuring Monsoon


One Fine Wedding Day by said...

These are some definitely worthwhile ideas. You include some very lovely suggestions and any bridesmaid would be thrilled. Do you have any options for brides who are on a tight budget though? These don't seem too pricey though --seems like a great blend of options!

Evening Dress said...

you have given awesome collection of dresses and there accessories.