Friday, July 10, 2009



Once upon a time I was a bride-to-be. And the day my husband proposed I thought whipping up my bridal look would be simple. I was a designer of Harlowesque bridal gowns and envisioned myself in an ivory bias cut crepe carrying one long stemmed calla lily. Then my hopeless romantic Edgar said, "I have a request, Amy. I'd like a band of Scottish pipers and to wear a kilt." Add to that we lived at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, a landmark that looks like an old Scottish Castle nestled in the Marin hillsides. Since this was the backdrop of our wedding, my dress ended up looking more like Brigadoon than old Hollywood. I have no regrets. I loved the layers of petticoats and the feel of imported French lace. Whether I was flexible or chameleon-like I don't know. I felt as comfortable as a romantic bride as I would have going contemporary in an evening gown cut. If you're having dilemmas about the gown, consider your venue and overall formality of the wedding or lack thereof. Wedding dates have a lot to do with decisions too. Are you marrying in New York city mid-winter or having a country picnic in late Spring? READ AND SEE MORE IMAGES

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