Matt Knowles

I know this is pasted allover my sidebar but I just wanted to remind everyone through the rest of June we'll be exploring the corset craze in bridal wear showcasing top designers and stores. We'll also delve into a little of the history. What do you think? Is the corset just for wearing under outer wear or could you flaunt down the aisle in one. . . .?

June 8 . . . . The Eye Candy Corset . . . Come and gone but definately worth checking out, featuring pieces from Vintage Opulance, a 1000 Markets Shop .

June 17 . . .State of the Art Corset Dressing: A look at a few designers specializing in the fine art of the corset.

June 22 . . Designer Spotlight: Terry Fox Couture . . . The absolute pinnacle in corset dressing, we'll see some stunning work by UK designer, Terry Fox.