Friday, June 26, 2009


If you've been following Bride Chic, you know by now June has been dubbed corset month and we've been around the world checking in with all the designers. Wrapping up the topic, I saved some of the best for last. Today we'll meet Joan Shum. Though this Long Beach, California designer doesn't specialize exclusively in corsetry, she certainly has a few stunners in her collection. Inspired by art and costume, she's added these and others to her design repertoire. Below are some of my personal favorites. . . . .

Stephanie Williams Photography
There are several places to view Joan Shum's work. You can go to her website or Etsy Store
Some of the most gorgeous photos and a real 'feel good' place to pick up some unforgettable inspiration is on Stephanie Williams blog.


Thrift Store Junkie said...

Those are such lovely dresses. I'll have to pass the info along to the readers of vintage wedding dresses.

out of the mist said...

OMG! this is soooo beautiful!!!
Lovely dresses!
I whish married again!