Thursday, June 18, 2009


'What unique feet you have, my dear . . . '

In a world where we've gone as shoe crazy as Carrie Bradshaw . . . and as this market gets more competitive, designers like Candra Palmer go creative. Since 2002 Candra has been offering women the option of designing their own footwear. Originally from Chicago, Candra now lives and works in Los Angeles where she originated Artyce Designs, a niche she has successfully created far from even the pre-designed creations by Loboutin and Choo.

The designs in her bridal collection are original and subtle all at once and the first thing that impressed me was, any pair could compliment a gown and easily be worn again and again. If you're lucky to live in the LA area, drop by her shoe boutique at 8673 Venice Blvd. to see her goodies for real. You can also go to her site

You'll find more than you ever imagined . . .

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