Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I'm steering away from fashion to get into more spiritual matters . The distinguished gent to the left is Reverend Edgar S. Welty, my husband of many years. I want to talk a little about his mission that specializes in preparing couples for marriage. Pre-marital work is different than marriage and family counseling that often deals with divorce and separation issues. So what exactly is pre-martial?
Preparation for life together as a married couple. As a certified counselor in the Prepare/Enrich ® Program , Edgar believes marriage is one of the greatest turning points in life and preparation is necessary in moving toward a healthy union. Pre-marriage workshops and counseling done in a time-frame when the relationship is at it's most fired up point energy-wise, is often the ideal time to map out a future. Based on research, six months prior to and into the marriage are when couples reap the best benefits from counseling. The duress of many marriages can be the result of denial, bad habits and unrealistic expectations never confronted prior to that march down the aisle.
Edgar also performs custom wedding ceremonies. Over the years I've watched him marry couples with no more than myself and another witness, to all out bashes for hundreds. As an experienced minister, he's at home with different orders of worship from many other denominations (he's ordained through United Church of Christ). For inter-faith couples (which consists of most couples today) he works each tradition into the ceremony and has even co-officiated at weddings. If you live in or around The San Francisco Bay Area and are getting married in the near future, definitely check out his site where you'll find out more about custom packages and rates. Below are some photos from a couple of my favorite weddings.

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