Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Peter Langner

Haute couture holds a myriad of imaginative details that make a gown or wedding ensemble special. The most important gown of your life will most likely hold one out-of-the-ordinary detail that gives it a certain panache.

Often, details are found in techniques done by hand that machines, no matter how advanced can not duplicate.


Natalie said...

Oh, how wonderful! I wish I owned them all!

the yellow elephant said...

can't wait to be a bride. love the 4th one..

Laura said...

Hi lovely I left you a little link prezzie under the check out this smartie on my blog. You are so wonderful! Maybe you could add me to your blogroll as well.

Bella said...

It's just so stunning! Wow! xx

Anonymous said...

They are all gorgeous !!!
The first one is amazing. Love it!


Wendy said...

Where do you find such amazing imagery for your blog?! These are soooo... gorgeous!

nina said...

The details on these gowns are amazing :-)