Vintage is so popular now it’s evolved into it’s very own echelon of fashion. There’s real retro as in the authentic Dior A-line from 1957 in mint condition; there’s museum quality stuff from the last century that probably requires restoration experts, and there’s everything you see here that I’d call vintage inspired gowns by top designers. Most designers have retro inspired pieces in their collections now. Monique Lhuillier and Claire Pettibone’s gowns are reminiscent of 1930s-40s chic. Candy Anthony and Stephanie James are turning out dresses you’d swear your grandmother wore in the 1950s. A few designers are going way back in time recreating anything from Marie Antoinette to Greek chic. Younger designers seem intrigued with recent fashion history reinventing their own 60s-70s looks.

The hat above echoes Jackie Kennedy's look while the dress below looks like a granny gown from the hip 1970s.
Alberta Ferretti
Whether the gown was inspired by Napoleon’s Regency Period or Mary Quant, one thing all these designers and their gowns have in common is the cutting edge factor. You see, retro inspired means just that: something about the gown evokes yesteryear only there’s that unmistakable twist of contemporary thrown in for the here and now bride.


Lately, with concern for the environment, there are brides using vintage fabrics from lace tablecloths and linens and turning them into some very lovely bridal wear. I guess that’s what it means when you hear, “Everything old is new again . . .”


Candy Anthony
Not only the length of this dress says 1950s. Candy Anthony's hourglass silhouette has this era's bodice detail right down to to the prim collar and row of buttons down the front.

Oscar de la Renta
This Oscar de la Renta above is from no era in particular but the way it's accessorized brings to mind the 20s with the cloche hat, 30s with the gown and gloves. Looks like something that might have been worn to the once popular daytime social.
Elizabeth Fillmore
Castigliano International

Maria Grachvogel
To me this is another look encompassing a few eras. The gown above definitely looks 1930s, her hair 90s and the tiara 60s.