Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Rosy Garbo

Ever notice how designers add some well thought out elements to make the back of a wedding gown pop? No matter how simple your gown is, the back is going to deserve as much attention to detail as the front. All you have to do is look at your body from all angles to see one of the most dramatic views will be your back. You’ll be showing it off once you pass down the aisle and the whole time you take vows. Think of your back in components that make up a total picture of you: There’s the veil, back bodice, skirt and train. Choosing the right veil depends on the length of the gown and maybe the interest of the back bodice. You may opt for a shorter veil or no veil if there are some details you want to show off. These details can be as simple as a row of buttons all the way down the back, or as elaborate as silk flowers cascading the length of a cathedral train. How much or little detail you choose is a matter of preference.

Back details of gowns by Clarissa Grace, all variations of lace-up bodices.

Eme di EmeAsymetrical pleats and lace up bodice grace the back of this silk gown.

RS Couture Roma.A detachable silk organza train with cluster of silk florals

Amelia CasablancaA ball gown with lots of length and volume in the skirt will bustle 'big' like the one pictured above.

GalvinA very low draped back on a silk satin crepe. Simple but dramatic.

A double watteau train falls from each shoulder on this Grecian type gown

Amelia Casablanca Front and back, pick ups create a tufted effect on this organza skirt accented with silk florals.

Bijou by Dem.BUTTONS-A row down the back is classic; either fabric covered or pearl.

Bling on straps and bodice accent this gown by Galvin.

ValentiniLace, a row of buttons and a train attached to the low back accent this light blue gem of a dress.

A simple drop of embroidered lace at the neck is the only touch a dress this simple needs.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular detail you want on the back of your gown like a cluster of florals, but can’t find a gown with it in the style you want, consider two ways you can go about getting it:
1) Go ahead and order the gown then find silk flowers and someone with the skill to attach them. .
2) Have a gown custom designed.
Custom design is the best option if you have a specific back feature that ordinarily would have to be engineered into the gown rather than simply added on. Bows, florals, sashes and detachable trains can all be matched up in color and fabric and added on to a ready made gown with little or no problem. But features like back overlay skirts and lace-up bodices are usually built in and need to be planned out with a skilled dressmaker or designer. Going custom might cost more in time and the number of fittings, but you’ll get that wonderful back feature that makes the gown uniquely yours, uniquely one-of-its-kind . . .

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