This is a salute to Spring and sort of DIY project I created to inspire boho brides and their florists.  To get this waif-in-the-woods look once the makeup and hair folks did their magic on lovely Hana, I wove in real and silk foliage combinations all over the gown and headpiece.   Hana is wearing a Magnolia head wreath of silk florals mixed in with sprigs of real ivy.  The neckline of her gown is framed in variegated ivy as smaller pieces are dappled all over the tulle skirt.  If you want to try adding real flowers, leaves or ivy to your gown you can do one of two things: Have a florist do it or get with someone who's handy with a needle.  Sewing live foliage onto a gown isn't rocket science.   If you (or someone else) can bead, you can sew real live leaves on to fabric.  Just be sure to dry out the leaves/flowers/ivy a couple days before so as not to soil the silk.  Also you'll want to add all the pieces a couple nights before the wedding . . . 

Makeup by Zoe King
Hair by Kao Vey 
Model Hana Alyssa