I begin every post on elopements with the explanation elopements once upon a time could be a little bit to very taboo affairs.  Running off to tie the knot usually meant you had to do it in secrecy. It still means the two of you slipping away, or getting away, only now there's no stigma.  Some couples think of it as a celebration of intimacy--all the trimmings of a wedding just for you.  Especially appropriate now because of the pandemic, here is your inspo for a spring getaway in the countryside.  The bright, vivid pastels of pinks and yellows infused with white and greens say, the dawning of a new season is upon us--the beginning of our journey.  

The Details: Mason jars hold a mix of cherished classics, lemons, and mix of wildflowers looking like the kids just picked them out of the fields. 
The Dress: Boho 1950s blended with the romantic charm of Chantilly lace and yards of white tulle. The groom is in a classic summer light blue ideal for Spring.  The best hint I can give on what to wear is keeping everything simple and above all comfortable.  
Florals and Decor: Holly Sanneman