The bridal cape or capelet is a great accessory and can add a bit of drama as well as warmth.  A cape can be either put on or taken off according to the gown you're wearing and of course your mood for wearing one.  Going from the formality of ceremony to reception could be a good reason for doffing or sporting one of these little gems. These are newbies inspired by 1930s movies are just off this season's work table in gorgeous laces and tulles.  

Above: The CAMILLE Ensemble is a silk chiffon slip dress paired up with a crocheted cotton lace capelet bordered in lightweight Chantilly lace. The added rose floral to the hair is a very 1930s accent. Below: The SHELIA 4-ply silk crepe slip dress has such a beautiful hand to it.   It is matched up with Peau d'ange sheer lace capelet bordered in Chantilly lace
Photos 1-3 by Photo Chic
Photos 4 and 5 by Sean Sato