Getting that look of antiquity probably means you're going to be wearing some form of lace on your wedding day maybe a vintage cut or something evoking past decades.  Weddings and lace are synonymous, go hand in hand and the right lace can really help you get to the level of vintage chic you're wanting to create.  From the most casual shabby side of chic to vintage elan, below are some inspirations worth checking out
The Light and Airy Laces: Above and below: Chantilly, Peau d'Ange and Schiffli laces can range from the lightest to mid-weights and lend themselves well to looks that  have some blousey and draped effects like these gowns redolent of 1920s couture.  
The 3-Dimensional laces below are more structured like Alencon, Venice and Cotton laces.  Crocheted laces are called Cluney aka Irish lace and are great for summer weddings.
Header Photos: 1: Dresses from The Forever Boho Collection///2: Laces via Tumblr
Photo 1: Clockwise--The MISSY DRESS//Chantilly lace via Etsy//Schliffi lace via Etsy
Photo 2: Colockwise--The ANASTASIA Dress --photo by Scott Williams Photography//Pink Schliffi lace via Tumblr //Corded Schliffi lace via Etsy
Photo 3: via Schliffi Lace via Pinterest
Photo 4: via Artisian Vintage
Photo 5: Clockwise--The CALIOPE Dress//Ecru Brussels Lace via Tumblr///Basket of laces via Hub Pages
Photo 6: Left-An array of cotton laces via Pinterest ///Right--Schiffli Laces via Etsy
Photo 7: Clockwise--The BELINDA Corset (photo by Shannon Grant)///Cotton laces via Pinterest///Ecru Schliffi lace via Tumblr