Dresses with full trains are all over the runways and bridal boutiques,  trending big time even for the less formal wedding.  No doubt about it, dresses sporting a full and spread out train can be all out gorgeous in their own right but not for everyone.  The good news is, you can go formal without pulling that train around all day.    So what are your options if you like a real formal look?  If the dress you have your heart set on has a train you can certainly wear it bustled.  In fact, some brides love the bustling effect  (train tacked up and under) and prefer to keep that French 'Gigi' look going the whole day rather than letting it flow.  

Did you know boutiques can order your dress sans the train from some designers (read: some).  Also, you can go to a private designer and have your dress custom made.  Below are a few of my favorite designs sporting no trains but lots of bridal glam . . . .
Header Photo: The HARMONY Dress--To the floor this skirt is  super lightweight in silk dupioni.  Love the skirt in a pleated bell shape--the pattern modeled after Grace Kelly's. Photo by Strotz Photography//Directly Above: The GEORGETTE Dress is ballerina length (just above the ankles) allowing easy movement in layers of tulle and crinoline.Photo by Vetter Photography//Below: The EVA Dress. An A-line with floor-lenth lace underskirt. Photo by Pixamage
Above: A floor-length vintage dress in satin Peau de Soie bustled in back. Photo by Lirette Photography
Above: The ANASTASIA Dress, a chemiseovered in laces with a silk chiffon hankercheif skirts.  Below is a The MISSY Dress, a sheath and evening gown silhouette, as snug in the bodice as it is in the skirt, elegant and beautiful despite the absence of a train . . . . . Photo by Vetter Photography
All dresses and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum