Thursday, May 26, 2016


When you think of pleats does your schoolgirl uniform in a Black Watch plaid come to mind? Try again.  Wedding dresses have some of the most pleated skirts and bodices you’ll find and it's about time they had a special post of their very own. Lots of A-line and princess styles in heavier fabrics such as satin, taffeta and moiré have deep (sometimes very deep) box or inverted pleats instead of gathers in the skirt.  Okay so . . . . why use a pleat instead of a gather? Pleats are designed to fall flat in folds through the waist and/or hip area (where the skirt is joined) and not bunch up like gathering does. The result is a well-fitting, uninterrupted line up the bodice with a beautiful and even fullness in the skirt. There's more to pleats than the traditional bodice and skirt treatments.  Here are a few  happenings in bridal I'm loving . . .
Above: Pressed knife pleats placed horizontally create a cummerbund.  From The Classic to Cutting Edge Shoot//Makeup by Prettyologie//Hair by Pins and Curls San Francisco//
Above: Inverted box pleats create volume and movement in the skirt eliminating bulk in the waistline//From The Winteresque Shoot//Photo by Rob Marsten
Above and Below: Deep knife pleats in a these bell skirts add volume but no pouf through the waistline 
All dresses and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum
Necklace in last photo available through Studiolo


Anonymous said...

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Sheila said...

Dear Amy-Jo,
You design such beautiful gowns!
In the first picture, the bride looks so lovely with her short veil.
The second picture is a splendid example of a truly elegant formal bride. Her skirt hangs so beautifully, and I love her long veil.
The gown in the fourth picture is so beautiful. The waist enhancement is lovely, and I think I am correct in thinking it hangs down at the back. The elegant opera-length gloves add even more.
Many thanks for all your wonderful designs.