Wednesday, May 18, 2016



Did you know this magnificent color between orange and pink goes with just about any skin tone, season or mood?  This makes coral the perfect option for bridesmaids dresses.  I love it for flowers either as a whole bouquet or mixed in with other colors.   Be bold and mix monochromatics of this color--the range you'll get is superb . . .

Header Photo: Luisa Beccaria 
Photos 2 and 3: Dresses Via Tumblr/Short sheath via 
Photo 4: Tea set via Tumblr
Photos 5 and 6: Cake via Dazzle Me Elegant Cake Toppers/Bouquet via Tumblr
Photo 7: Necklace via Obaz
Photo 8: Shoes via Tumblr
Photo 10: Stone architecture via Tumblr


Silvia C. said...

Different colors.... so pretty!


Rachel said...

Loved the color. Bridesmaid dresses in coral would be amazing to have. I once wore a slightly light color on my friend's wedding day as a bridesmaid and don't tell anyone I was looking prettier than the bride. Smile!

melanie said...

Coral is definitely one of our fave summer colors! Beautiful!

Wedding Dresses said...

Wow, so gorgeous and stunning pictures, thanks for your sharing.