Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 Have you noticed there's a lot of seperates dressing going on in bridal wear lately?  That is, tops and skirts, gowns and capelet combos.  Things that can be put on and taken off  in pieces.  Recently I had a client who wanted the formal taffeta bell-shaped skirt for her ceremony and a mini dress to dance in at her reception.  We designed a short, strapless sheath she wore under that floor-length bell skirt and layers of petticoat. Add to that brides aren't cherishing their dresses as a keepsake quite like their grannies did by preserving and storing it in a box.  While donating or recycling is trendy so is wearing that cute corset with a black velvet skirt on New Years Eve.  That's right!  If you want a tulle skirt on your wedding day think of all the possibilities later like-gallery openings, etc.    Below are some inspiring images if you're thinking of going with those versatile separates . . . . 
 Above: These two lovely wedding blouses can easily be doffed once the dancing begins!  The first image has a lace bustier underneath and the chiffon kimoino blouse directly above has a lacey cami 
Above: The ROSE OF SHARON Dress- a full tulle shirt that hooks/unhooks on/off a fitted sheath/Left Photo by Shona Nystrom Studio 7Teen//Right Photo Strotz Photography
Above: Who says you can't wear a bra and slip on your wedding day? It was by accident I found out my eight layers of tulle skirts make great slips underneath big, bell skirts like the one below.  The corset of course has so many options. Below: The HARMONY Dress is actually a bridal topper worn with a lightweight bouffant skirt--one of my absolute faves . . . .
All designs and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum