Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This pouf veil is totally sixties mod--the gown and gloves 1930s//Photo by Bill Smoot Photo

Love two or three bygone eras all at once?  Got a Gunne Sax dress from the 1970s but love that 20s head band with all the sparkle?  Mixing up accessories from different decades into an overall bridal look is totally on trend and surprisingly chic. It's called vintage mash-up and can produce some really stunning results.  Yes, it helps to know one decade from the other but you don't need a degree in costume or fashion to get how this style savvy actually works.  What you will need is either an ongoing passion for fashion and/or the drive and interest you probably had the moment you got engaged on how to develop a style that really works for you.  As I always say, be brave and don't be afraid to experiment

Left: A lace tea gown paired up with a modern horsehair hat/veil hybrid//Right: A 1950s vintage-inspired dress is complimented by an Edwardian-style picture hat.
 The Lorena corset and bouffant skirt compliment the bride wanting a contemporary or slightly Goth look.  Add some cutting edge jewelry along with repro 1940s fascinator and gloves.  Viola! Now the look is as individual as the bride who wears it....
The same dress (Geselique) two different headpieces. Left is the Charleston Tiara/Headband a la 1920s. Right the Fleur fascinatorechoing early 1940s chic//Photos by Sweet Light Studios and Scott Williams Photography

This  allover lace dress harks back to 1910 fashion with its high collar and gathered sleeves.  While the authentic vintage veil is 1920, the pouf headpiece is in the spirit of the 1940s//Photo: Jim Vetter Photography
Gowns and headwear by Amy-Jo Tatum

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