Monday, June 22, 2015


 Think of convertibles as ensembles that work one way for the ceremony and like a layer of veiling, are removed or readjusted for big time after partying. Visualize: You want a formal look for your ceremony with layers of tulle falling into a chapel train when you walk down the aisle.  Your reception is a totally different picture--you're in a strapless sheath—like something you might wear to a cocktail party.  Go ahead.  Wear the sheath for your ceremony; only wear it under a detachable tulle over skirt.  The layers of skirt fasten to a belt and unhook for the reception (see the header and pics directly below).
Want more cover up top during your ceremony?  How about an over blouse worn over that sheath or full skirt?  This offers a transparent, delicate look and is removed after the ceremony.  But suppose you like the idea of one gown—something all one piece with tiers of ruffles that fall into a sweep train.  Problem solved: the bottom ruffle can be secured with Velcro or hooks, then removed—and presto!—your train is gone and you have a cocktail dress.

    If you’re not a romantic go for a more tailored look.  You can still go with the sheath idea and your overdress—the one you wear down the aisle—might look more like a full-length Princess-style coat or ¾ length jacket.  Or imagine something with one button at the waist and part of the dress underneath showing; ideal for winter weddings in heavier, structured fabrics like Peau de Soie and Brocade.
Above and below are two different versions of a full tulle shirt that hooks/unhooks on/off a fitted sheath dress.  Above: The ROSE OF SHARON Dress//Below The MARSALA Dress via special order//Above images by Bride Chic//Below images by Scott WIlliams Photography
Here are two examples of the over blouse concept.  Above and below are two different styled lace blouses.  Above a traditional lace blouse is fitted over a taffeta sheath slip dress.  Take it off and add a cluster of florals to the shoulder strap and the whole look is changed.  By special order The FLORA Dress//Who says you can't layer lace over lace?  I did on The GEORGETTE Dress below.  A full skirt is adorned by a Val lace blouse over a strapless Chantilly lace bodice backed in light blue satin//Above images by Pixamage//Below images courtesy Bride Chic
The ASTRID slip dress above has a detachable tulle and lace cape that clasps under the bustline.//Photos by Jim Vetter Photography// Below a strapless ballgown has that hybrid between sleeve and glove called a gauntlet.  These detachables on The ROCHELLE Dress are shirred tulle//Photos by Lirette Photography


1.) Visit a Salon. Consultant know which designers offer interchangeable looks.  You may find you’re able to order a simple evening gown and have that wrap dress you want to wear over it made.  Did you know some bridal salons employ in house dressmakers?  Not only for alterations but the custom touches brides put on the gowns they order.  Those who don’t often have referrals.

2.) Check Out the Possibility of Going Custom.  Custom designers live to work with you from concept to finished creation; they have skill handling fine fabrics and the expertise to help you achieve exactly what you want.

3.) Go Vintage.  If you can get hold of an actual dress from the 30s-40s era when slip/dress combos were so popular, you might have a good investment as well as chic bridal ensemble.

All gowns and head chic available via Amy-Jo Tatum


Rachel said...

This is an amazing idea to have a gown that be used both ways(hooked/unhooked). Also it gives more style and comfort according to the bride.

Ashley said...

Love this concept. Pics here are absolutely gorgeous!

Jimmy Johns said...

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Laura Collins said...

Aamazing convertible gown. You are are so creative.

Wedding Receptions said...

Great ideas ! very inspiring !