Wednesday, June 24, 2015


The above is definitely one of my favorite photos of all time by the very talented photographer, Diana Maire.  All these striking and sensitive images hail from The Country Chic editorial. Not only do I love the photo composition, the dress in it has to be one of the best I ever created.  BEATRIX is a sweet rarity I dreamed up somewhere between Diorsque and Boho. It has the hourglass silhouette reminiscent of Dior  while sporting an ultra-romantic feel of a bohemian waif via the fabrics.  The embroidered organza bodice is trimmed with scalloped edging and skirt is 5 layers of ivory tulle over a silk taffeta circle skirt.  Available with separate crinoline under slip (not shown here)--see the link above . . . .


Ashley said...

So romantic--love the tulle skirt!

Avinash Dwivedi said...

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