Monday, June 2, 2014


 I designed these creations for the bride wanting a real romantic look sans all the volume and petticoats.  We shot the newest pieces from The Forever Boho Collection amid the foliage and orchids at the beautiful conservatories of Shelldance Nursery in Pacifica, California. Situated on a hill overlooking the ocean, it was the perfect backdrop for these down to earth pieces--the organic fused in beautifully with the goddess element.  Our shooter for the day was the highly energetic and creative Samantha Smith who never cases to amaze with her one-off sense of artistry . . . . .

Gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum
Make up by Prettyologie
Venue: Shelldance Nursery, Pacifica, CA


Anonymous said...

These dresses, and especially the Shayla dress on May 20, are the most exquisite wedding gowns I have ever seen. Truly beautiful.

Ashley said...

Love it!

oxoxoxo Ashley

Rachel said...

A wedding near a sea shore makes the day more beautiful. I hope to get married in a place like this, full of flowers around us. Orchids brings in a lot of charm when you wear it with a wedding gown. Though, I can't find a sea shore near my home but will try the orchids for sure.