Monday, April 21, 2014


Bouquet by The Flower Divas//Photo by Strotz Photography

Okay so this is mostly a how-about-it and how-to match a bouquet with your dress post.  On the other hand it's about all those other ways to incorporate  flowers into your theme as well.  Think head wreaths, boutonnieres, center pieces and of course, finally, that most symbolic touch, your bouquet.   I think certain flowers have a particular significance for each of us. Finding an inspiration point and blending that idea with your dress is just the beginning of working one or a few colors into an overall theme. Size and proportion are something else to consider. Some of us like the idea of carrying a huge burst of three to four different kinds of flowers in an arrangement while someone else goes for the simplicity of a small nosegay.   Since flowers are a seasonal thing--tulips in spring, mums in the fall, your dress is probably going to reflect that too.  

Photographer Diana Maire and event planner Holly Sanneman captured spring at it's finest here using pink and yellow roses and lemon blossoms from table decor to the bright burst of bouquet

Though Baby's Breath is widely known as a year round  filler of bouquets, by itself it's stunning and makes a truly beautiful bouquet.  Aka Gypsophilia, personally I associate Baby's Breath with summer--something about A Midsummer Night's Dream and all those wood nymphs running around with sprays of it in their hair.This bouquet by Victoria Marshall of Victoria's Floral and Event Design is wrapped up in white tulle.  Tablescape via Tumblr 

I love the rustic color palettes of Fall---Libby is carrying a bouquet of Japanese Maple and yellow Roses--the perfect compliment to Autumn..  Photos by Pixamage
Winter weddings are especially fun if they're full of the holidays even if the actual wedding date is post December 25. Winter florals and accents like pine cones and naked branches add drama mixed with flowers and greenery.  Red roses, pine an ivy make a festive bouquet to match the formality of luxe taffeta.Photos by Rob Martel

 1930s-- Like  fashion and furnishings, bouquets and floral decor of the 1930s went streamlined.  Calla Lillies were big as were the Star Lillies shown in the images below.  Photo by Jim Vetter Photography//Florals by  Floral Ornaments
 SEASON 1 DOWNTON ABBEY --The first and second seasons of Downton Abbey harked back to a time of English country gardens and afternoon teas.  Think pre-WW1--upswept hair in waves and tea gowns in intricately woven patterns of lace.  Here, Roses and Gladiolas make beautiful bouquets mixed with Privet leaves. Photos by Jim Vetter Photography

 THE CITY BRIDE--Natalie and Dave  spent their fifth wedding anniversary in this improvised trek through San Francisco city landmarks as bride and groom again.  Once we added photographer, Dominic Colacchio into the mix, the element of surprise began big time. We started our adventure atop the Crocker Galleria Roof Terrace and continued downstairs through the Galleria where the Farmer's Market was in full swing. The stunning bouquet of yellow roses and privet leaves were bought and made up on the spot at a little kiosk called, Abigail's Flowers. 
JUXTAPOSE: The ideas is, complete opposites attract and make great harmony.  An authentic vintage lace dress is paired up with a wild flower bouquet of leaves of grass mixed with wild oats. Photo and florals by Taralynn Lawton Photography
FOREVER BOHO--These bouquets and head wreath by Cindy Sheridan say spring all over.  Floral halos adorned with spring posies are the perfect Boho touch. Photos by Antonio Crutchly Photography via SMP

All Gowns and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Just gorgeous...I hope you had a wonderful Easter xx

Ashley said...



Spring weddings, how charming! Beautiful photos! Enjoy the rest of your week. xx/Madison :)

Nicole from Bellenza said...

Really useful post. I love the flower selection for summer and spring!

Unknown said...

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