Yes, there are many different kinds of gowns and dresses for brides who go the traditional route and that's usually what we conjour when we think of the ultimate bride.  But What if you're an outside the box bride?  --the kind of bride who's going to give all her guests that element of surprise once she makes her grand entrance.  Today's post is for you . . .

The Tailored Bride
Some women just can't get into wearing a dress even on their wedding day. For this reason, the classic suit is becoming a stylish alternative. Like the sheath it's long and columnar only in two-pieces with a jacket and straight skirt. There are of course exceptions. Skirt shapes can be flared like A-lines or take on full bell contours even under man-tailored jackets. 
The Panted Bride
No matter how simple or paired down a dress can get, some women just can’t get into wearing one even on their wedding day. For this reason, pantsuits are becoming a stylish alternative. Pant legs can vary from slim cigarette widths to wide culotte cuts and jackets from boleros to 3/4 length.
The Kimino
Kimono and Kimono-inspired infuses elegance.  Defined. the kimono is a traditional robe of Japanese dress.  Once worn daily by everyone in Japan from babies, geishas and samurai warriors--these days the majority of the Japanese reserve kimono dress for wedding and tea ceremonies.  This one by French designer Fanny Liautard says couture allover it!
Somewhere Goth
Left: via Diva Weddings Right: via Casilda se Casa
More brides are going over to the dark side lately, some even booking the 31st as their wedding day. If you're going Goth, you don't need me to tell you you're probably not going to find your gown in the typical bridal salon. That's right, if you dress Gothic in your day to day life why would you all of a sudden become Grace Kelly on your wedding day? The good news is, we live in a world where self-expression is finally respected; you're free to go as dark and diverse as you want ranging anywhere from Lolita to Steam Punk. Researching Gothic fashion sites, I found tons so narrowing down your shopping will mean finding what direction you want to go in the Goth world.