Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Celedon is one of those, "it can't get much better than nature" colors subject to lots of different shades.  For me, the most primary shade is that of cactus and various succulents so perfect for spring and southwest weddings.  Celedon also pairs up nicely with just about every color out there, especially other greens and pastels.  But what I love best about celedon is the pure visual calm it brings to any palette.
Top Photo: Celedon dress from the Juliet and Romeo Collection--Atelier Aimee
Photos 2 and 3: Burlap purse by Sew Ruby Moon /Necklace via Vintage Virtousa
Photo 4: Wearable Art Wedding Dress via Tumblr
Photos 5 and 6: Casual paper bag booms via Martha Stewart Weddings/Waverly Casablanca Celedon Dinnerware Set via Amazon
Photo7: Celedon dress via Tumblr
Photo 8: Shades of celedon room via Pinterest
Photos  8 and 9: Dress on mannequin via Tumblr/Celedon, aqua and black necklace via Anthropologie
Photo 10: Dress by Valentino spring/summer 2013
Photos 11 and 12: Celedon 'Crystal' vest via My Tuxedo Catalog / Celedon tie via
Photo 13: Armani Prive via Tumblr
Photos 14 and 15Celedon glazed pottery via Tumblr/Celedon loose leaf tea cups via The All Travler Store
Photo 16: Mermaid dress by Katastrophic Design spring/summer 2013


The Dainty Dolls House said...

How stunning, I love these dresses and the materials used, marvellous xx

miss b said...

The lace on the gown and veil in the first image is exquisite. This is not a colour I would normally think about for weddings but it's so subtle and as you say pairs so well with many other colours particularly ivory and cream.

Unknown said...

I personally love these shades/colors!