Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm looking at the kinds of Etsy gifts I'd love to get. Yes, clutches make great gifts especially for the bride who will be needing to stash lipstick, mints and touch ups on her wedding day (or maybe all those pre-nup parties).  You can bestow these little gemmies on bridesmaids, special guests or anyone special in your life who wants something chic and unique.  

Top Left: Rosa Iceberg Clutch by Davie and Chiyo
Top Right: Khaki Rose Kisslock-Formal Clutch by Its So Clutch
2nd Row Left: Small Peacock Feather Clutch by Nora Karen
2nd Row Right: Couture Lace Clutch by Its So Clutch
Bottom Left:The Grand Rose Flower Brooch by Its So Clutch
Bottom Right: Wedding Clutch Bridal Purse by Its So Clutch


Lilli said...

They are very elegant and classy! The first one is my fav, nice ideas! Kisses! xo

ashley nicole catherine said...

so lovely! love the pink one!

Roberta said...

beautiful. I love use clutches

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

I love clutches! These are so gorgeous!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I love clutches! These are so pretty! I love that they're on Etsy and that you provided the link! Fabulous. :)

katya said...

I love the number 3

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty!

ox from NYC!


Catriona Lewis said...

bridal purses with swarovski crystals is also very pretty matching collection for bride.

Alex Edward said...

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Randy richard said...

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