Here are a few behind the scenes shots of our latest editorial, Wildflowers, slated to post in a few weeks.  Shot in the countryside about a mile from where I live in sunny San Anselmo, the focus is on green, woodsy  earthy looks.  Mill Valley, California shooter Taralynn Lawton is not only a fab fashion photographer, she's  totally hands on, putting together bouquets of Madera and wild oats she found along the way.  

 One of my fave hairdressers, Justina Downs works on Natalie's hair between changes.

Taralynn shooting an authentic all over lace vintage gown from the late 1930s.  I know, I know, it looks more like 1910 but it isn't.  Check out the Dolman sleeves-decadent and definitely the Golden Age of Hollywood . . . .