Friday, July 22, 2011


Here are some fresh looks for the backyard or destination wedding.  Set the pace for you and your guy sporting laid-back chic while looking great, staying comfortable. These amazing photos were shot off Dunk Island, in Australia for Bride to Be April 2011 issue.  Images are by fashion talent extraordinaire, Julie Adams.  Shopping info below.

Images courtesy of Bride to be Australia


Ashley said...

So gorgeous!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

wow, she's stunning. Those dresses are seriously romantic. Love the styles, Amy-Jo!

xoxo, Chrissy
The Perfect Palette

Natasha said...

Did I tell you? I plan to get married on a sandy beach :) I like that long gown, but I would go for a short wedding dress with knee-high white gladiator sandals :) p.s. I had a really exhausting day today so if none of this makes any sense... :)

Tiff For Tat said...

What a wonderful blog, I am loving all those photos. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower!

A Tucson Web Developer said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!