Luncina 1

The 'Lucinda' Gown is everything vintage. When I first laid eyes on this Chantilly lace and crepe backed satin sitting side by side on the shelf,  it evoked images of vintage Hollywood and and Art Deco.  Once I sketched out what I envisioned I had a long, sleek skirt with a lace halter bodice and cummerbund.  The five pearl buttons down the front were added later.  Appliques of beaded Alencon lace accent the neckline and lace waist drape. The skirt has a wisp of sweep train in back.
I was flattered when my husband complimented me on designing this gown.  He's a very precise guy and lover of all things symmetrically beautiful.  I also think Lucinda has a particular, body-hugging sex appeal perfect for women who want to bring out that wedding day diva.